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Consulting – General Contracting - Design

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Consulting – General Contracting - Design

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At Cicero

we strive to bring your project to life. Many years of experience coupled with a diverse group of projects has lent itself to the perfect type of training ground for a successful construction company. From new homes to major remodel projects or creating more space for your growing company, Cicero has the experience and willingness to partner with you on your journey.

We appreciate every customer and their project. We want to make that evident to everyone we work with. The project is successful only when our client is fully satisfied with the end result. We’ll do our best to make sure this happens by living our mission statement:

Communicate – Learn – Serve

Communicate effectively so we can learn how to best serve our client.

Our Services


Sometimes the client doesn’t know how to get started on their project. They may ask, “do I need a permit, do I need construction drawings, who can build my project?”. Or maybe you’re looking for budget numbers to see if your project is affordable. We’ve been asked many of these questions and we’ve been able to help clients get “un-stuck”. Wherever you are in the process, we can step in to help move it forward.

General Contracting

We’ll take the stress of managing another project off your shoulders. There is a process to every construction project large or small, and each project is unique. However, the strategy to manage the project remains the same. Our mission statement to “communicate, learn, and serve” is our strategy. It’s plain and simple, but it’s effective and produces results.


We believe practical design best serves the client. We pay attention to overbuilding and overspending when it’s not necessary. Eliminating complicated roof lines and using materials with longer lifespans are 2 ways we’ve been able to reduce cost today as well as for years to come.

Our Services. These (3) Services are Available for Residential, Agricultural & Commercial Projects.


Post Frame Construction

Post frame construction utilizes post hole footings instead of continuous foundations, reducing overall costs and increasing building strength. Higher ceiling, larger options for door and window openings, and large open floor space are also advantages to post frame construction.

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Construction Design

Post frame construction projects may range from a small tool shed, a precise addition, an important agricultural building to an upscale manufacturing facility. All of these require a plan of action and proper building techniques.

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General Contracting

We have been designing and building in the post frame construction industry since 1994. With our hands on experience, we know how to make your plans come to fruition with a practical, can do approach.

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Our Clients ReferencesWhat our clients say...

“If I can ever act as a reference for you and your crew, I would be honored.” – Leah R.

“Thanks for a job well done. Your crew is both pleasant and professional. If any of your future prospects need references, you may forward our names.”– Mike and Linda F.

“We love the work you have done for us. We will definitely recommend the work you and your crew has done for us to others.” - Jeff and Kim T.

“Everything turned out perfect. Thanks for everything.” - Joan M.

“Thanks Shaun for all of the work performed at our home. The roof and all other work looks very good.” - Mike M.

“Thank you for your professionalism and your willingness to address our questions and concerns throughout the project. We’re happy with the end result.” - Jason and Lisa C.

“The work you and your crew did makes our house feel like a shiny penny. Thank you for helping us in our journey to lovingly restore our home.” Matt and Rachel F.

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